Make unnecessary lower limb soft tissue injuries a thing of the past.

Apart from the obvious, Speed is also designed to increase tissue resilience and capacity of common susceptible areas such as the hamstrings, calves and groin.

Research consistently shows that when done correctly alongside an intelligent progressed field program… strength training and regular mechanics practice will decrease serious injury risk and improve efficiency, economy, power output and overall speed.


Through this Program, You'll receive Guides on:

Issue 1

Decrease serious soft tissue injury risk.

Issue 2

Increase running efficiency, economy, power output and speed.

Issue 3

Increase cardiovascular fitness and sub-maximal endurance.

Issue 4

Volume intelligently split over 2 field sessions and 3 gym sessions.

Issue 5

Combination of heavy, low rep “strength” work, high volume “hypertrophy” work whilst also jumping, rotating, throwing, landing, carrying and more.

Issue 6

In-depth demonstrations and descriptions of every exercise.

Issue 7

Delivered through software that is trusted and relied upon by top tier international sporting organisations such as the NBA, EPL, World Rugby and more.


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Once the app is live, you will be able to download TRI App via the links below and access this feature.