What People Say About Resilience Rehab Pain Codex

Chronic neck pain disability, combat sports performance and muscle/strength gain.

Oscar Dillon

NRL Canberra Raiders, NSW Blues State of Origin and Australian Kangaroos. Dally M player of the year 2020. Groin/hip rehabilitation and speed/acceleration training.

Jack Wighton

Shoulder rehabilitation, golf performance and muscle/strength gain.

Lewis Schenk

Post neck surgery rehabilitation, crossfit performance, running, muscle/strength gain.

Terri McDonald

Low back injury rehabilitation, powerlifting and muscle/strength gain.

Vinny Shankar

Shoulder injury rehabilitation, marathon running performance and muscle/strength gain.

Jack Simpson

Shoulder dislocation rehabilitation, crossfit performance, powerlifting and muscle/strength gain.

Josh Bonazza

Low back injury rehabilitation, Rugby League performance, powerlifting and muscle/strength gain.

Josh Eppelstun

Low back injury rehabilitation, BJJ performance, powerlifting and muscle/strength gain.

Benjamin Ross

Shoulder dislocation rehabilitation, boxing performance and muscle/strength gain.

Zac Gatica

Having been a regular gym goer for nearly 30 years I know a thing or two about maintaining a regular exercise program and I have a good understanding of how to perform most exercises. Also, I've had my fair share of experience with injuries and working with personal trainers both, in person and online. So, when I say Hayden is the BEST trainer anyone could have, you know there's some truth in this statement. And he's more than just a trainer, he's an expert exercise physiologist with a wealth of knowledge. Hayden cuts through all the misinformation around exercise and injuries to give you the gold that really works. I came to him with a lower back injury that prevented me from performing certain compound exercises and he developed a pathway for me to move beyond that limitation so now I'm doing all those previously troublesome exercises, and with a newfound confidence. Not only did Hayden fix the physical issue but he also took care of my mind and continues to be patient with me to think beyond the limitations of someone with an injury. His wholistic approach is unparalleled and would only come if working with an elite class coach. Because that's just what he is, an elite class coach who is available to work with anyone, you even, and not just the top athletes of sport. Hayden has a true passion for his work, and he really listens to you and is interested in uncovering what works best for you. He goes above and beyond for his clients. And on top of all of that he's an all-round great, fun guy who've I've come to consider a friend. (Hayden don't read this next bit) So if you're considering working with Hayden and wondering if he's worth the cost, whatever he's charging you isn't enough! You'll get triple the value! He's worth his weight in gold! But if that doesn't convince you then I'd say find someone else and learn the hard way because Hayden will be too busy training his team of loyal clients.
Christopher Elliot
Low Back Injury Rehab, Muscle/Strength Gain and Performance
Hayden’s extensive knowledge in sports performance, physical therapy and internal health has done nothing but work in his favour as clients like myself continue to be impressed by the services he provides. Hayden works to ensure I receive the best possible training programs by considering what life changes I may be faced with and how to adapt to these. Thanks to Hayden, I have gained so much more awareness on how to train smarter, using the right exercises and routines to achieve my goals properly – could not recommend him enough”
Ruby Giampaolo.
Injury Risk Reduction, Rehab and Athletic Performance

Muscle/strength gain, low back injury rehabilitation and golf performance.

James Lightbody

Muscle/strength gain, low back and hip injury rehabilitation and body composition.

Leah Dyball

Bilateral knee replacement rehabilitation, muscle/strength gain, low back injury rehabilitation and rowing performance.

Michael Wilson

Muscle/strength gain, foot rehabilitation and mental health.

Bradley Bellman

Support, work ethic and communication

Support and structure

Mindset and sustainable change

Powerlifting back injury progress

Shoulder injury progress

Multi-disciplinary support

Guidance and habits

End of program

Confidence and body composition

Biomechanics and pain

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