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Lower Essentials


This program is designed to fix any and all of your aches, pains, niggles and injuries from the lower back and down.

There are 3 lower body “strength” days, 2 optional upper days and then recovery days on every other day designed to grease your joints and reduce guarding and pain from the brain.

If you stick to this program consistently with correct technique and intent, you’ll be KICKING yourself… wondering why you ever paid for your weekly physio visits and massages.


Through this Program, You'll receive Guides on:

Issue 1

Near instant relief, yet life-long improvements for people with foot, achilles, shin, calf, knee, quad, hamstring, hip, groin and lower back issues

Issue 2

Full progression from early low loading drills, all the way to running specific rehab & training I’ve used with elite, international professional athletes

Issue 5

The program I now regularly use to ramp up momentum with all of my new 1-1 private coaching clients

Issue 4

In-depth demonstrations and descriptions of every exercise I use to solve the most complicated situations

Issue 3

Delivered through software that is trusted and relied upon by top tier international sporting organisations such as the NBA, EPL, World Rugby and more


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