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Achieve elite level standard of performance and significantly reduce injury risk so you spend more time doing the things you love and less time recovering from unnecessary injuries.

Our Brand-New Rehabilitation & Performance Model That Guarantees Success With Any Training Goal Or Injury.

Our tested frameworks that can effectively eliminate pain, decrease setbacks and frustration – all while doubling your progress.

It’s worked for ALL of our clients… from the elite level NRL athletes, Super Rugby Players and World Long Drive Pros…

All the way to your weekend warriors, office workers and even your grandma.

Our Commitment To Your Success

99% Success Rate:

The Pain Codex Model has been successful in transforming 99% of our members lives… forever 

SUCCESS Guarantee:

In saying that, if you’re worried about being the 1%, we will work with you for free until you achieve YOUR goal

MONEY-BACK Guarantee:

If you hate anything about the program and wouldn’t club a baby seal to stay on as a client, you can at any time, ask for 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Unlimited Communication:

Receive unlimited communication via discord, phone & zoom to ensure you’re always staying on plan


Avg. First Month
Pain Decrease


Avg. Program
Strength Increase


Success Stories
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Here's Everything You Need To Know 👇🏻

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The Pain Codex System

Who We've Helped

Frequently Asked Questions

Pain Codex is designed to provide personalised solutions for your unique pain and injury issues. We assess your condition and tailor rehabilitation exercises accordingly.

Our program combines the expertise used with elite athletes with a focus on addressing the specific challenges faced by busy professionals and entrepreneurs.

The program is divided into three phases. By the end, you can expect reduced pain, improved energy, increased muscle strength, and enhanced confidence.

The mobile app is user-friendly and offers comprehensive tracking features. We provide tutorials and support to help you make the most of it.

Our program is designed to be flexible, allowing you to fit workouts and rehabilitation into your schedule. We provide time-efficient exercises and on-demand resources.

Yes, you have unlimited communication with our team of certified trainers, therapists, and coaches to ensure you receive expert guidance and support.

Our program is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels. We adapt exercises to your current abilities and gradually progress as you improve.

We incorporate pain management and modification strategies into your program, emphasizing safe and effective exercises to reduce the risk of further injury.

We offer resources and guidance on managing stress and enhancing confidence through fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness practices.

Yes, we encourage community engagement through forums and social media groups, allowing you to connect with others on a similar journey.

After completing the program, you’ll have the option to continue with advanced training or follow a maintenance plan to sustain your progress.

Your 4 Steps To Success

Eliminate the guesswork and unleash your potential.

Wherever you currently are, we’ll meet you there.

The Pain Codex Model is designed to find out where you currently are on our training and rehab progression, and give you the tools to climb the ladder to elite, pro-level soccer performance.


Identify, understand and eliminate the real cause of your aches, pains, lack of progress and recurring injuries. Understand how the body and brain ACTUALLY work so you can become a robust, resilient athlete long-term who stays ON the pitch.


Follow a SIMPLE step-by-step process to understand and execute optimal training and rehabilitation, so you can avoid flare-ups, plateaus and further injury for GOOD


Take your performance to new heights as you ascend into high performance and become a BETTER athlete than you’ve ever been.


Know exactly HOW and WHEN to return to normal activity to significantly reduce the risk of re-injury. Create a long term plan to ascend beyond your pre-injury performance and return to your BEST self.

Trust Me, We Feel Your Pain... 👇🏻

Your situation is a lot more common than you think.

We’ve been through the same journey ourselves and have now helped transform hundreds of people in your exact position…


You’ve Tried “EVERYTHING" (Google, YouTube, Instagram “Gurus”, Random Blogs…)

However nothing seems to be working, and you’re only left feeling overwhelmed, stressed and burn-out. You just want to follow something that works.

Your “Prime” Days Feel Like A Distant Memory…

You think your best days are behind you. Pain and injuries are making it almost impossible for you to juggle your health, career and family/friends…

You Are Consistent And Love Training Hard

But you’re finding it less and less enjoyable because you’re making no progress, you’re still stiff and sore when you wake up in the morning and you HATE looking in the mirror.

You Know “Health is Wealth”

But you’re stressed at the fact you’re starting to get older and not being able to take action is starting to affect your mental health.

Your Confidence Is At An All Time Low…

Talking to other men or women is terrifying because you feel insecure, skinny and unattractive. Going to the gym makes you feel anxious as you feel like you just can’t keep up anymore.

You’ve Tried Countless Online "Coaches” Because They Have Big Muscles...

But you’re fed up wasting money on generic, copy and paste “individualised” programs only for them to rarely talk to you (if at all…) let alone provide a plan.

If you’ve been nodding your head to ANY of these statements, then this may be the thing you’ve been waiting for.
Today you’ll discover a new, proven way to fix injury, make progress and feel confident in your body.
It has nothing to do with long boring mobility routines…
You can ditch the hours of stretching and foam rolling…
And you CERTAINLY won’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive supplements, massages and physio appointments.

We've Helped Over 300 People Transform Their Lives..
Here's What They Have To Say:

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