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Pain Codex Breakthrough Strategy Call Application

Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. This will allow us to learn about your current situation prior to our call so we can hit the ground running and make the most of our time together.

What Is Your Name?

How Can We Contact You?

Enter Your Best Email and Phone

What is your current job?

What is the current problem you need help with?

What are you having the most trouble with and how is it impacting you?

What is your overall, ideal outcome?

Be specific. If we could click our fingers and you could instantly achieve your goal, what would you ask for?

Why is this your goal?

What would it allow you to change and/or do?

What do you feel is your biggest obstacle to hitting your goal?

Be 100% honest (the more specific you are here, the faster we'll get clarity during our call together)

How committed are you out of 10, to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal?

0 = Not at all 

10 = I'm over it, I'll do whatever it takes

If we were to talk again in 12 weeks from now, what would have to happen for our program to be a MASSIVE success for you?

If after reviewing your current situation/goals, we decided it was a fit and we invited you to join our 1-1 Pain Codex coaching program to help you succeed, when would you be looking to start?

Are you willing and able to invest in your training and goals right now?

Due to the number of applications the Pain Codex program receives and our current client workload, we are limited to a certain number of free calls available and clients we can help whilst ensuring we maintain our high standards and quality. The 90-day break-free into pain-free accelerator is a paid program, so if you are unable to invest in your goals right now please do not book and we can point you in the right direction instead.

Finally, if we invite you to work with us - what makes you different from the other applications and why should we choose to work with you?

We have found that working with like-minded, ambitious and committed individuals significantly increases the success of the Pain Codex program. This question is simply to ensure you are one of the people who will get the most out of the program and actually achieve your goals.

Where Should I Send The Sign-Up Info?

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Where Should I Send The Sign-Up Info?

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This feature will be available on TRI APP Only!

Once the app is live, you will be able to download TRI App via the links below and access this feature.

Get told what to dohow to do it and then track your training so you know what you’ve done so far and where to progress in the future.

Until the app is released you will be able to maintain your training by completing TRI programs below. 

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Once the app is live, you will be able to download TRI App via the links below and access this feature.