The single arm lat row can be used as a standalone, progress-able strength training exercise if external stability is created to allow for enough load (i.e. something to hold onto, seated on bench, DB on knee). In this variation however, it is useful to prime the lat and build low load strength and endurance either […]


Cable external rotation should only be used in early rehabilitation, if there are deficits in external rotation strength and/or if preferred before heavy pressing. However, they aren’t necessary outside of rehabilitation if the shoulders are “healthy”. General prescription: 2-5 sets, 8-25 reps each side for endurance/warm-up. 5-30s each side for isometric strength. 5-10s each side […]


This exercise can be great to improve thoracic/shoulder mobility without load, or then loaded up with a band to improve low load endurance and strength of the upper back musculature. General prescription: 2-3 sets, 5-25 reps.


This demonstration will give you an insight on how to stack your ribs over your pelvis by ‘compressing your ribs’ and how to control your trunk. These abilities will improve joint range of motion and mobility in training by allowing you to control your centre of gravity but also minimise compensations in the lower back […]


Using a stick/rod to help increase short-term shoulder external rotation will be useful prior to a rehab session or strength training, if there are mobility deficits present that are limiting external rotation and exercise execution. The exercise itself will not improve ROM long-term, but the short-term improvement will allow training and strengthening in deeper ranges, […]

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