Toe walking is a great low-load exercise that will help improve ankle stiffness (crucial for plyometrics) and begin to load the achilles. General prescription: 3-5 sets, 10-30 steps.


Trap bar deadlifts are the perfect variation for anyone who isn’t a competitive powerlifter or absolutely “loves” conventional deadlifts. It minimises stress on the lower back by decreasing the need for hip mobility. It is just as good, if not better in my opinion than conventional deadlifts (not that conventional/sumo is any more risky or […]


Tendons respond well to heavy tensile loading. This lunge variation is great for knee joint and patella tendon health by increasing intensity (via load) but also decreases muscle damage and excess recovery debt. General prescription: 3-5 sets, 5-60s each side.


This split squat variation will help improve internal rotation mobility of the hip by shifting the weight to the lateral hip of the working leg. General prescription: 3-5 sets, 6-15 reps each side.


The hip thrust is an exercise that targets the glute max in its shortened position. By preventing the knees coming back towards the body, you can decrease contribution from the hamstrings and adductors. General prescription: 2-6 sets, 1-20 reps.


The heel raised split squat helps to place more load on the quadriceps by elevating the heel and placing more weight through the fore-foot. It can be done normally, or as an isometric hold to increase muscle/tendon strength without excessive muscle damage. General prescription: 3-10 sets, 6-15 reps each side standard, 5-60s each side for […]


The Romanian deadlift is one of, if not the best exercise for hamstring and glute growth and strength when done correctly. A lesser known problem I see when people do the RDL is when they put all of their weight on their heels, leading to loss of balance and lack of hip hinge ability. The […]


The quad nordic is useful for increasing knee range of motion and quadriceps strength in a lengthened position. It can be useful in both rehab and general strength training programs. General prescription: 3-5 sets, 4-15 reps.


The lying leg curl is an extremely effective exercise when done correctly. It trains the hamstrings in their lengthened position and can be great for runners and athletes. General prescription: 3-5 sets, 8-15 reps.


This movement will train the glutes in their lengthened position, without assistance from the lower back or hamstrings. It is a basic exercise that doesn’t require crazy equipment, but is extremely effective when done correctly. General prescription: 3-5 sets, 5-15 reps each side.

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